Eight useful resources in our Coronavirus Hub


Throughout the pandemic radio has been a comfort to millions of listeners across the UK, proven to make audiences happy, keep them company and provide vital news. Through radio, advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach millions of people, who are tuning in more than ever before.

As the industry body for commercial radio in the UK, our key responsibility at times like this is to ensure radio stations have the support they need and sales teams, agencies and advertisers have the tools required to get the most out of the medium. Our Coronavirus hub is there to help. Here’s eight useful resources from the hub.


  1. Audience listening insight
    We’ve commissioned four research studies during the pandemic, exploring how audiences listening habits have changed since March. The reports also show changes in the nation’s purchasing behaviour and attitudes towards brands. Our data has shown more than a third of commercial radio listeners are tuning in for an extra one hour and 53 minutes each day compared to the period before the initial lockdown. Find out more.
  2. Our guide to growing business with radio advertising
    Radio is a fantastic medium for ambitious small and medium sized businesses that are looking to reach a large amount of people. With 36 million listeners every week, radio advertising can help businesses reach new customers to build awareness, boost response to websites and increase sales. Find out how radio can help your business, and how to get the most out of the medium, here.
  3. Find out how Radiocentre is representing radio during COVID-19
    During these difficult times radio has played a vital role in informing and entertaining the nation, and we have worked tirelessly to help support radio stations as they do so. From lobbying for government backing to financial support, take a look at the information and resources available to stations here.
  4. Rescue Remedy
    We’ve created a document with lots of information on how radio can help advertisers get through the current crisis. The Rescue Remedy presents four ideas on how to help advertisers stay ahead of the competition in challenging times, exploring the role radio advertising can play for brands. You can download the document here.
  5. Tuning In sessions
    Tuning In is Radiocentre’s event series, with speakers from across radio, advertising, politics, music and more. You can be inspired by renowned CEOs, watch research launches and hear great audio case studies, through our library of Tuning In sessions – watch here.
  6. Latest research
    Radiocentre recently released two major research publications, both exploring audio and the pandemic from different angles. Re-Evaluating Media for Recovery set out to understand the true value of media for growing brands during challenging times and Beyond the Bubble looked at how radio connects with millions of listeners in ways other media cannot
  7. Get inspired
    The Coronavirus hub features some excellent audio ads from the past 12 months. Listen to how some of the nation’s biggest brands have used audio advertising in the pandemic here.
  8. Latest news and Radio Bites
    If you want to stay up to date with the latest news from Radiocentre and the audio industry, our Coronavirus hub will include important updates along with weekly Radio Bites, which look at what the evidence says about radio advertising in easily digestible chunks.

Head directly to the Coronavirus hub here.

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