The creative idea and the quality of your ad can have a huge impact on its commercial success. Advertising studies (from the IPA as well as our own) show a strong link between creative excellence and effectiveness. But radio is often an afterthought in the creative process and poorly integrated with other channels.

At Radiocentre, we want to help advertisers and agencies use radio to its full creative potential. Below is a ‘nuts and bolts’ guide to help you with briefing, writing and judging radio. You’ll also find practical tips on how to use music and sonic branding and a beginner’s guide to production.

We’re committed to recognising and rewarding great work in radio. Our Audio Ad of the Year Award in partnership with Campaign celebrates creativity in audio advertising and champions the teams behind the winning work.  We’ve also compiled a selection of radio ads, some of our own favourites and the pick of best-in-class campaigns by sector to inspire you.

Audio Ad of the Year Award

We are committed to recognising and rewarding great work in radio, the audio Ad of the Year celebrates the top ads of the year partnering with Campaign.

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Get inspired

We've compiled a selection of award-winning radio ads and the pick of best in class campaigns by sector to inspire you.

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Creative best practice

When considering radio creative, our research study Turning Art Into Science shows that:


A consistent creative route is the most effective feature – familiarity draws the listener in


When used alongside television, radio is more effective if integrated through the use of common audio features (e.g. music, voice, strapline)


Use of a consistent voice is particularly effective, especially when using radio as the primary broadcast medium (regardless of whether it is a celebrity voice)

From this we conclude that advertisers can enhance results from radio by applying a more consistent construct within their radio campaign, ideally employing recognisable audio cues, such as voice and music to draw the listener in.


We offer online and in-person training for UK media or creative agencies. New to radio or need a refresher? The course will give an overview of radio as an advertising medium and tips on how to get the best out of it, with the in-person course including a studio tour and an “in the studio” recording session to learn how to get the best out of a radio script.


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