robust research into the effectiveness of your radio campaign

About Radiogauge

Radiogauge is a free service from Radiocentre which provides advertisers with robust data to help them understand the effectiveness of their radio campaign. Results are benchmarked against the competition and analysed to suggest ways that ads can be enhanced creatively to improve future performance.

Radiogauge has measured over


campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands.

The Four Big Benefits

Four reasons why Radiogauge insight will help you get more from your use of radio

  • Insights Understanding campaign impact: Radiogauge provides a measure of how your radio advertising has driven brand awareness, purchase consideration, and two bespoke brand health measures
  • Insights Benchmark performance against competitors: Radiogauge reveals how your radio campaign performed in relation to its competitors by comparing ad campaign performance to a pool of similar advertisers
  • Insights Creative analysis: measures the strength of your radio campaign's creative approach and recommends how your creative execution can be enhanced to improve future results
  • Insights Support your investment in radio: by isolating the additional effects of radio within a wider media mix, Radiogauge helps to reinforce the value of your investment in the medium

Online survey of



Our approach

Radiogauge fieldwork is independently conducted by third party research company Other Lines of Enquiry. The study consists of a post-campaign exposed vs. non-exposed methodology based on an online survey of 800 respondents split into matched samples of listeners and non-listeners to commercial radio.

This enables us to isolate the effect of the radio campaign within a wider media mix.

Do You qualify?

To qualify for measurement your airtime campaign should be running nationally across a range of stations with a minimum spend of £300k.

National Airtime

What do you get?

  • Insights An opportunity to include two bespoke brand metrics in the survey
  • Analysis Full post-campaign analysis of effectiveness metrics, benchmarks, and creative impact
  • Insights Results presented to agency and client around 8 weeks after the campaign finishes.
  • Insights Recommendations on how to enhance future campaign performance.

How to sign up

Contact Aneka Hussan

The Process

Step 1.

Step 1 - Aplication form

Complete application form

Step 2.

Step 1 - Aplication form

Sign-off questionnaire

Step 3.

Step 1 - Aplication form

Fieldwork conducted

Step 4.

Step 1 - Aplication form

Results presentation


Example Presentation
Example Questionnaire

Radiogauge has measured campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands


Radiogauge is quick, simple and free of charge. The high-quality and robust data provides an insight into your investment in radio, benchmarking it against competitors, with the aim of enhancing future campaigns.

So if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your campaign, get on board with Radiogauge today and get the most from your radio advertising.

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