Research Report

Re-evaluating Media

Conducted independently by Ebiquity, read one of the most in-depth studies on the relative value of media ever undertaken.

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Radio fact 36m

commercial radio listeners every week

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British Airways
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Impact assessment: why the one stop shop still makes sense


Commercial radio
at a glance

With 36m weekly listeners tuning in for 13 hours each week, and 372 stations broadcasting 24 hours a day, commercial radio has a huge amount to offer advertisers.

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Radio fact 16%

of the media day is spent listening to radio

Daily Press Summary Tuesday
17th July
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Radio fact X2

people are twice as happy when listening to radio

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The many roles
of radio in advertising

Explore in depth the relevance of radio to brands across different sectors and the effective roles the medium can play within their wider media mix.

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Radio advertising tools

Instant access to relevant data and creative stimulus

Our range of tools offer a quick way to improve the effectiveness of your radio creativity and planning, whether its to improve ROI, compare different media or get music inspiration.

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Research Report

Getting Vocal

A look at ownership and usage of screen-less voice-activated devices and how brands might adapt to a voice-activated future.

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Radio fact 75%

of all audio listening comes from live radio

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Dove – Autotune
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