Backing Brilliant Business

See how radio can help back your brilliant business with our step by step guide to radio advertising. From how radio can help your business grow to how to get on air.

Why radio?

Whatever your objective, radio advertising can play an important role in growing your business. Many small businesses use radio to drive immediate results, based on the medium’s core strengths. Keep scrolling to find out more about the benefits of advertising on radio.

Radio delivers £7.70 revenue return on investment on average for every pound spent

Core strengths of radio advertising

  • Immediate results
  • Revenue returns
  • Cost-effective
  • Targeting flexibility
  • Builds stronger brands
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Radio can also play a powerful role in helping to build brands in longer term:

  • Boosts online brand browsing by 52%
  • Increases awareness of advertisers by 48%
  • Listeners are 12% more likely to consider advertised brands when buying
  • Campaigns that use radio grow market share 4x faster than those that don’t
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What brilliant results you can expect

If you are using radio either as a one-off test campaign or as part of a longer term strategy it is important to consider how you are going to measure the effects of your investment. To evaluate the success of a radio campaign based on specific business outcomes such as website visits, footfall in store, and/or sales, it is important to monitor the base level in these metrics in the weeks leading up to the activity to act as a comparison point for how they change during and post the radio advertising.


Brilliant success stories

We’ve collated a selection of brilliant businesses for you to explore and be inspired by how they’ve used radio advertising effectively and the impact it’s had.

Thompson's Solicitors

Thompson's Solicitors



Smile in a Day

Smile in a Day

White Rose Shopping Centre

White Rose Shopping Centre

Radio can deliver brilliant search results

If your brilliant business relies on consumers to “google you” to drive sales then you will know that it’s not always brilliantly easy. It can be expensive and competitive to stay at the top of those search results. Radio advertising could be a crucial and cost-effective way of making all the difference.

If people hear the name of your company or product on the radio, then they are 52% more likely to include it when they search for you. And the effects will be immediate, because 58% of all searches triggered by a radio ad, take place within 24 hours of hearing it play out. It’s quite simple, and well… brilliant. Find out more here.


Planning & booking
your brilliant campaign

Whatever your business goal, radio can flex to help you deliver it. Spot airtime is the most adaptable radio format and can be bought across different stations, day parts, and days of the week to best meet your needs. But where do you start? The information in this section aims to help you scope out your own radio advertising campaign. Explore stations in your target catchment area here.


Creating a brilliant radio ad

The quality of your radio ad can have a huge impact on its commercial success – advertising studies show a strong link between creative excellence and effectiveness.

But where should you start to ensure that your ad uses radio to its full potential? And what is the process involved in getting your own radio ad written, produced, and ready to air?


What works well in radio advertising

  • Consistency counts – radio ads are more effective over time when linked through the use of common features (e.g. characters, strapline, music, voice).
  • Consistent voice is particularly effective
  • Consider which audio elements you could use in subsequent campaigns
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Briefing your brilliant ad

  1. Context for the campaign e.g. what is the business problem you’re trying to resolve? Who are your main competitors? How will you evaluate success
  2. Defining the role for radio advertising: how does it fit in with the other media you are using?
  3. Target audience: who is the main focus for this campaign? Are they already in the market for your product?
  4. Desired response: what do you want people to think, feel, and do as a result of hearing your ad?
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Valuable tips and insights

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Audio Series

In this new audio series, business owner Saira Khan, most famous for being runner-up in the first series of business-reality show, The Apprentice and panellist on Loose Woman, will front the new 16 episode series and explore what it takes to grow a successful business. Speaking to some of the biggest names in British business Saira will discuss the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. Each guest will provide listeners with guidance, insight and inspiration to help them develop the skills needed to grow a business.


Book your brilliant campaign

Whether you have your ad ready, want some advice, or are ready to book, you can search for local and national stations in your desired area. Simply put in the location below and we’ll find the stations best suited to you.