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Commercial stations require two music copyright licences in order to broadcast licensed music. These are negotiated by PPL (representing record companies and performers) and PRS for Music (for music publishers and songwriters).

Our Priorities:

  • We negotiate licences with collecting societies on behalf of all commercial radio stations
  • We offer copyright advice to support members on any copyright issues
  • We ensure the interests of the radio industry are properly reflected in UK and EU law
PPL - PRS Royalty Thresholds (2017 - 2018)

These are the updated thresholds and minimum fees for commercial radio music licences with PPL and PRS for Music. These thresholds are adjusted on 1st October in any given licence year so as to reflect any movement in the RPI. The revised thresholds are effective from 1st October 2017.


2013 - Briefing on the ERR Bill

The key points for users of copyrighted material are centred on the new clauses relating to copyright  covered in in Part 6 of the draft Bill. (Schedule 21 Clauses 69 to 80). The full text is here.


Of most relevance are the sections that create a backstop power requiring collecting societies to adopt codes of conduct.

The Bill is expected to receive Royal Ascent in June 2013.


2011 - BIS Select Committee inquiry into the Hargreaves Review

Radiocentre provided comments on some specific areas of the copyright framework that Government are considering following the Hargreaves review – including a central copyright exchange; copyright exceptions; and regulation of collecting societies – as well as ‘double-charging’ to listen to the radio in the workplace.



2011 - Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth

A range challenges facing radio were outlined to the Government’s independent review of IP. These included the inefficiencies of as ‘double-charging’ on listening to the radio in the workplace; the limitations of the Copyright Tribunal; the absence of cross-border licensing; and a failure of the copyright framework to reflect changes in technology or offer the flexibility required by many digital media businesses.



2009 - Copyright Tribunal Consultation - Modernisation and Simplification

Proposals from the IPO on resources, procedure and case management were broadly welcomed. However, any proposals to enable collecting societies to refer schemes to the Tribunal could dilute its role as a counter balance to monopoly providers.



2009 - IPO Consultation - Copyright: The Future

Radiocentre emphasised the symbiotic relationship between radio and music, which delivers appropriate rewards for creators and enables broadcasters to successfully exploit copyright material. It also pointed to areas within the current framework where this could work better, particularly with respect to the range of rights available and copyright exceptions.



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