1.  Radio reaches people when they are more receptive to travel and holiday advertising

    With radio, travel advertisers have the opportunity to reach people while they are commuting or at work – times when they are likely to be more open towards advertising messages encouraging them to plan their holiday.

    Share of Media Time when Commuting

  2. Radio delivers strong online response for Travel brands

    Travel is a mature web category, with a high proportion of planning and purchase conducted online. Radio advertising is effective at driving online response and travel is the second highest performing sector overall with listeners who had been exposed to radio campaigns 59% more likely to browse the advertised travel brands. The best performer in the study with a 163% uplift in brand browsing was also a travel brand.

    Brand browsing above average for the Travel sector

  3. Radio ROI for Travel brands is higher than other media

    Radio performs best of all media in terms of ROI for Travel brands, returning £5.70 on average for every advertising pound spent. This is because of radio’s ability to stimulate an emotional response coupled with its strength at driving business online, where consumers access travel brands directly.

  4. Radio has a strong uplift effect across all metrics for Travel brands

    Ongoing effectiveness research study Radiogauge underpins how radio has a significant uplift effect on awareness, brand relevance, and consideration for Travel brands. 

  5. Get inspired by Travel radio case studies

    Search our case study finder for the most relevant examples of how radio can boost your communications plan. Recommended reading:

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