According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2019 Special Report: In Brands We Trust? brand trust ranks as one of the top considerations when it comes to product purchases. The research suggests that the more channels people encounter a brand message in, the more likely they are to trust it.

What are radio’s trust credentials – and how can these help brands?

At a general level, the Eurobarometer Survey published by the European Commission shows how radio is the most trusted medium across most markets in Europe (including UK).

From a UK-specific perspective, Radiocentre’s Breaking News study demonstrates how radio is the most trusted medium for news.

When it comes to advertising and brand trust, the IPA provides some useful data.

Firstly, IPA Touchpoints now includes a measure of the extent to which advertising is trusted by each medium’s audience. The data for “I trust the advertising… (in this medium)” reveals that trust in radio advertising is higher than for other media when measured in this way.

Secondly, analysis of the IPA Databank highlights how campaigns that feature radio generate 4x the level of brand trust as those that don’t.

Finally, from a radio advertising-specific perspective, Radiogauge data shows that people exposed to radio advertising within a campaign are 62% more likely to trust a brand.

So, if building trust is important for your brand, all of the available data suggests that radio is the ideal place to be heard.