Breaking news: How listeners value commercial radio news identifies the key strengths of radio in providing regular, concise updates to listeners at key points throughout the day and features powerful case studies that demonstrate the unique value of commercial radio news.

For the first time this report offers an industry-wide perspective on how much our listeners really value this content and how it compares to other media in different contexts.

Scale of Radio News

Commercial radio continues to play a huge role providing news and information

With 36 million listeners tuning in every week and over 26 million followers on social media the number of people getting news and information from commercial radio is at an all-time high.  

Despite the availability of news from multiple-sources (smartphones, digital platforms) listeners still really value the updates and regular bulletins provided by commercial stations.

Our listeners told us that commercial radio…

Role of Radio News

Commercial radio is a key source of regular news updates throughout the day. This research underscores commercial radio’s strengths as a news provider, especially in certain contexts and at particular points throughout the day. Listeners said they value regular news updates:

  • during local emergencies (when 60% turn to radio)
  • in the morning (when 83% turn to radio)
  • in the car (when 85% turn to radio)
Radio is the most popular medium for assessing news in the morning

Trust in Radio News

Radio is considered the most trusted medium in an era of fake news. Radio is consistently found to be the most trusted source of news and information available to audiences in the UK and Europe.

  • 77% of people said they see radio as a trusted source of national news, more than any other media
  • Only 15% trust social media for national news
  • 61% said they were concerned about the rising trend of fake news.
Radio is the most trusted medium