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About Radiocentre

Radiocentre is the industry body for commercial radio, working to enhance the long-term success of its members, who together operate 278 licensed radio stations.

The key aim of this project was to give Radiocentre a platform to change perceptions on the role of radio in the modern world to their broad audience of advertisers, agencies, government stakeholders and radio industry members.


What the work involved

Design, Development, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website

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The Brief

This brief was to re-map, design and develop all parts of the Radiocentre website. Our previous website was dense and content-rich, but as the main touchpoint for most of our stakeholders, the website needed to convince visitors to see radio differently. That meant that the way the content is presented is just as important as the content itself. The site needed to make people feel, subliminally, that commercial radio is part of the modern digital world; strong and getting stronger; slick, smart and inspiring. 


The Result

As can be seen best from touring this site itself, the result is a website which looks sleek, modern and is a fitting home for a medium which in Q1 2018 grew faster than any other, even the internet. The site is formed around radio as the biggest part of the audio revolution – a line which sits at the top of the homepage and runs through the sections of the site.

Following interviews with key stakeholders, The Web Kitchen devised a site map which focused on Radiocentre’s priority audience of advertisers and agencies. The site guides users through the Audio Revolution and radio’s part in it, the reasons for using radio, and then how to do it. 

Crucial to new users was explaining the audio revolution and also discussing the future of radio – simply by having a section on that subject makes a clear suggestion to people that radio is a part of the future. 

The “Why radio?” section includes a Commercial Radio At A Glance page for entry-level advertisers as well as much more in-depth sections on the Roles for Radio and how perform can perform for specific sectors

“How To Do It” guided advertisers and agencies through getting campaigns to air – another barrier to entry for using radio advertising. Pages on different types of buying, a guide to the market and a glossary of terms help planners, while those in creative agencies can find all they need on radio creativity as well as plenty of ad inspiration.

A brand new hub for Radiocentre’s tools allows users to find the most useful resource by section and a new easy-to-use FAQs section helps people find the answers to the questions Radiocentre used to get by phone all the time. 

Comparing the three months since launch with the three months before launch, the average number of pages visited per session has increased by 31%, time spent per visit has increased by 30% and bounce rate has decreased by 22%, demonstrating an improved navigation through the site.



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