Radio still most trusted medium in Europe according to new EU data  


New research published by the European Commission confirmed that radio remains the most trusted medium in Europe.

The Eurobarometer surveys monitor EU citizens’ perceptions on wide range of topical issues, including trust in media.  The latest study (available here), published in December 2017, found that 59% of people across the EU tend to trust radio, compared to 51% for TV, 47% for press, 34% for internet and 20% for online social networks.

Radiocentre recently published a report which for the first time examines the views of commercial radio listeners regarding trust in radio news. The results from Breaking News echoed the Eurobarometer report, with radio found to be the most trusted medium in the UK and social media the least trusted platform. Read Breaking News in full here.

Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre says: “Trust in media is set to be a big topic of discussion in 2018, so it is really encouraging that this new research once again finds radio to be the most trusted medium in Europe. Our own research that we conducted last year also found radio to be the most trusted medium amongst audiences in the UK. Other platforms such as social media have a long way to go to build up trust, but this is unlikely to change much until the issue of internet regulation is properly addressed.”

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