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Quiz: Take Radio Santa’s 2023 Christmas ads quiz

Radio Santa has been extra busy and has written a very special Christmas quiz for us.

Christmas calls for memorable TV and radio ads with characters, music, emotional hits, glamour, and glitz. They’ve been airing for over a month now, but he wants to know, how much do you remember about 2023’s biggest Christmas campaigns?

Take his quiz and find out.


How well do you know your Christmas campaigns 2023?

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Ho ho ho, now this is an easy one. Can you tell me which brand this famous carrot is from?

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Now this brand has been a staple for children writing their lists, circling what they'd like from the big book. They also introduced us to Connie and Trevor, can you name the retailer?


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Christmas fairies are some of my biggest helpers this time of year, can you tell me who lends their voice to this particular one?

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I love Etsy, not only can you buy personalised gifts for your loved ones, they have used my favourite film as inspiration for their ads this year, do you know what it is?

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My cheeky little elves have starred in their own ad this year, who was it for?

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One of my favourite ever singers joined ASDA as their new Chief Quality Officer this year, can you tell me who it is?

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And finally, they're doing a great job at helping me send gifts this year with their Secret Santa postal service and their ad has just scored the highest ever on System1's new Test Your Ad platform. Can you tell me who this iconic British brand is?

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