We work closely with Ofcom, the industry regulator, as well as Government and parliament in order to create the best possible regulatory environment for stations. In order to compete with rapid changes in the market we need updated regulation that works for the industry and, most importantly, listeners.

Securing access to radio online

A key focus of Radiocentre’s policy work is to ensure that the Government introduces measures to support UK radio online and on devices like smart speakers.

MEDIA BILL – We welcome the introduction of the Media Bill which will enshrine in legislation support that is necessary to guarantee access to UK radio services and ensure a level playing field between the tech platforms and UK broadcasters. Read about radio and the Media Bill here.

Radiocentre is also part of a coalition of UK businesses and industry bodies that support the introduction of the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill. This legislation is complementary to the Media Bill and will help to address the power wielded by tech giants and digital gatekeepers over UK businesses.