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New YouGov survey shows that radio delivers on trust

New research from YouGov unveiled by Campaign, shows that radio is once again deemed one of the nation’s most trusted mediums.

The latest study, proven to affirm radio’s reputation as a reliable and trusted medium, shows that traditional advertising channels are still the most trusted by UK consumers. TV and radio were considered “very or somewhat trustworthy” by 54% and 53% of respondents respectively. The other three traditional types of media – print, out-of-home and cinema – were trusted by 38-43% of people.

Newer channels did not fare as well, with website and search engine advertising generating poor results. The least-trusted medium was social media at just 10%, with only 1% finding it very trustworthy, 47% of people said it was not trustworthy at all. Podcasts 23% trustworthy rate was less than half of radios 53%.

This study is the latest in a long line of research proving radio’s trustworthiness. For the past decade radio has consistently been proven to be the number one most trusted medium in Europe, according to an annual survey by the EU Commission. This follows Radiocentre’s own research on trust in news. Beyond the Bubble showed that radio and TV are the most trusted source of news, with social media the least. Find out more about the findings in the video below.

Lucy Barrett, Radiocentre’s Client Director said: “Time and time again radio comes out top when research is conducted about trust in media. This is no coincidence. Not only is it a highly effective advertising medium, radio is also highly regulated. Audiences hear ads that have been approved for air and are broadcast alongside professional, respected and trusted presenters. If advertisers want to reach consumers on an effective, safe, trustworthy platform, then radio is the clear choice.”

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