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Radio, contrary to opinion in the ad business, is holding its own despite the rapid growth of digital media in terms of audience and revenue. But despite strong rational arguments for the medium, there are some advertisers who do not believe radio can make their brands famous, and subsequently put it in a tactical box or opt not to use it at all.

We worked with leading creative agency Lucky Generals (the agency behind Paddy Power’s standout cheeky advertising) to create a campaign to explicitly challenge the belief that radio can’t make brands famous by making their marketers famous on radio. The creative idea was a series of songs aimed at high-profile but under-spending marketers (who were not in on the idea beforehand) played nationally across commercial radio to prove to them the power of radio, and to stimulate the conversation about radio in the sector.

Most recently on air was a house anthem for Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall. The song tells him that there’s only one place to be, on radio for Airbnb.

The campaign launched with a hip-hop rap for Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever, reminding him that radio is the “OMG to FMCG” followed by a ballad for John Lewis’ Customer Director Craig Inglis, “Oh Craig Inglis, where have you been?”. An indie rock track dedicated to L’Oréal’s Chief Marketing Officer Hugh Pile was next – because he’s worth it.

See radio differently for yourself…

Beyond helping people become famous, radio also has the required characteristics to play a more central and strategic role within the media mix for brand advertisers.


With a record 35 million listeners tuning in each week, commercial radio extends the reach and effects of a campaign by speaking to more of your brand’s customers at relevant times

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Radio is a powerful emotional influencer and audio brand assets like music work at a subconscious level to drive recognition and enhance brand perceptions

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Radio delivers an average ROI of £7.70 for every pound spent and diverting budgets into radio improves the overall returns from a wider media campaign at no additional cost

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