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World Radio Day 2024 – 7 ways radio builds brands

To celebrate World Radio Day 2024, which falls on 13th February, Radiocentre is supporting the World Radio Alliance in showcasing 7 reasons why radio is an effective medium for building brands.

Backed by data and research from around the world, here’s why radio is such a great brand builder:

  1. Radio stands out as a trusted medium that fosters companionship and connection with listeners
  2. Radio establishes deep emotional connections with its audience, leaving a lasting impact on brand perception
  3. Radio drives attention, nurturing brand memory and recall, thereby enhancing overall brand performance
  4. Radio empowers creative storytelling and ignites listeners’ imagination
  5. Sonic branding carves a distinctive identity in the auditory landscape, making the brand more memorable in the mind of the listener
  6. Radio’s unique capabilities extend beyond traditional 30-second spots, offering opportunities for creative and original brand experiences
  7. Radio seamlessly amplifies other advertising channels. A cross-media marketing strategy amplifies brand awareness and recognition.

The full slide deck with research is available for download on the World Radio Alliance website.

Lucy Barret, Client Director at Radiocentre and President of the World Radio Alliance, said:

“Radio is often only thought of as an activation medium, best for getting tactical messages to air quickly and building frequency. However, the high reach of radio combined with its mood enhancing effect on listeners, and the fact it can be easily accessed and listened to accompanying a wide range of listening occasions, means that it is able to play a broader and more ambitious role for brands especially brand building. And this is proven the world over.”

World Radio Day is an annual UNESCO initiative to highlight the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe. It provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the value of high quality, distinctive broadcasting from both public and commercial radio, as well as its economic and cultural contribution.

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