1.  Radio reaches people when they are travelling in car

    With radio, Automotive brands have the opportunity to reach people while they are driving or travelling in-car – 87% of media time when travelling in car is spent listening to live radio and radio reaches 57% of in-car journeys.

    Share of Media Time when Travelling in Car

  2. Radio ROI for Automotive brands is strong

    The Automotive sector deliver’s high share of voice for automotive brands, and its proven effect in driving people to engage with brands online – an important goal of many automotive campaigns. Radio has an average ROI of £6.00 across 42 campaigns – unsurprising given the medium’s ability to communicate with audiences in-car.  

  3. Radio stimulates online response for Motors advertisers

    The Automotive category is complex, even though people regularly use the web to research cars, purchase cycles are longer and people rarely buy online. However, 35% of listeners exposed to radio campaigns are more likely to browse advertised automotive brands. The highest Motors performer achieved a 87% uplift – well above the average.

    Brand browsing for Motors highest performer significantly above average

  4. Radio has a strong uplift effect across all metrics for Automotive brands

    Ongoing effectiveness research study Radiogauge underpins how radio has a significant uplift effect on awareness, brand relevance, and consideration for Automotive brands. 

  5. Get inspired by Automotive radio case studies

    Search our case study finder for the most relevant examples of how radio can boost your communications plan. Recommended reading:

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