Tuesday 4th June 2024

9:00am - 12:30pm

Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

If you’re based in the North West and work in advertising, marketing or in the radio/audio industry and want to get up to speed on listening trends, market challenges and opportunities, and the latest audio advertising effectiveness research, this event in Manchester is for you.

Tuning In North comes at a time when commercial radio is stronger than ever, experiencing unprecedented highs in both audience reach and advertising revenue, tickets are limited so make sure you sign up now using the form on this page. 

Meet the Event Speakers

Andy Burnham

Mayor of Greater Manchester

Gemma Atkinson

Hits Presenter

Clare Foster

Bauer Media

Sam Austin


Charlie Cadbury

Say It Now

Andy Carter MP

Rahmon Agbaje

Loud Parade

Maatin Adewunmi

Loud Parade

Ailsa MacKenzie


Chris Scull

Quickly Kevin, will he Score?

John Gibbons

Anfield Wrap

Sophie Hind

Sport Social Podcast Network

Matt Payton


Mark Barber


Donna Burns


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