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Radiocentre ads return to airwaves

Radiocentre has renewed the licence for three of its radio ads, allowing members to promote radio on their stations in the run-up to Christmas.

The three spots available for broadcast aired last year and paid homage to flashy tech launches, while showing the many advantages commercial radio has over other, newer media technologies.

In one of the humorous radio ads, ‘Cookies’, the narrator appears to be introducing an exciting new piece of tech when he is interrupted by an automated voice saying “accept cookies”. The spot ends with the narrator saying: “Welcome to radio, advertising that’s cookie free”. Another ad, ‘Influencer’, hears the narrator describe radio as the “original influencer, with 36 million real followers”.

Listen to the three ads below:

The spots are available now and can be adapted for local station brands. Radiocentre members should contact for more information.