Radio bite: The medium for restricted times


Radio is a powerful and often underutilised platform for advertisers. During these unprecedented times our Radio Bites series will give compelling reasons for brands to continue to be heard on the airwaves and why consumers will be listening.

Radio ads are quick to make. You can go from brief to broadcast in no time even if you’re working from home. Many studios have sophisticated remote facilities to make the process seamless so you don’t even have to settle for second-rate production. And with its power to engage the imagination, radio ads can take you well away from your office in the spare room.

Better still, because each script is speedily assessed by our Clearance team for approval before broadcast, radio advertising is a trusted way to inform and reassure people in uncertain times – at scale. The Radiocentre Clearance team turn around almost 38,000 scripts per year. Given the speed of the evolving situation, it’s no surprise the UK Government has turned to radio to get its Covid-19 message across. Other brands including Tesco and Barclays are using radio ads to keep their customers up-to-date with their latest news – quickly, cost-effectively and at scale.

Hear some of the ads below.

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