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Radio ad of 2021 winner announced

  1. BT Wifi – Over the past 2 years with the many, many zoom calls and internet issues, most of us have suffered from ‘broadband rage’. BT’s answer, hybrid broadband with EE was here to save us all from demolishing our routers.
    Essence Global

  2. Cinch – Their presence was definitely felt throughout 2021 with multiple campaigns on TV and radio. Cinch and Rylan Clark have entertained us with many ads this year but ‘cinching’ home schooling is one of the most memorable and relatable.

  3. Gousto – Uplifting and complimenting their TV campaign, Gousto made cooking sound exciting with their clever use of music for different ‘tastes’.
    Mother Ltd

  4. Honda – As always Honda approached their ad thoughtfully, promoting their new Electric vehicle as an answer to what the world needs, they cleverly use sound to hear what different countries ‘need’.

  5. McDonalds – Making the list for a second time, McDonalds know how to use radio effectively. Their ‘like getting your money’s worth’ campaign for items on their pound saver menu always make us chuckle.
    Leo Burnett Ltd

  6. Ocado – Launching a fresh new identity in 2021, they have successfully lodged their new jingle into everyone’s mind thanks to their effective campaign. Al Young, CCO of St Lukes, discussed the development of the sound at Tuning In 2021 describing how they wanted it to have a Postman Pat feel to it. 
    St Luke’s

  7. Samsung Galaxy Buds – What do your ears really think about the headphones you use? Using the simple idea of headphones ‘endorsed by ear’s’ and using binaural sound to really give the feel of your ears speaking to you, we’ve really enjoyed hearing this campaign.
    Cheil London

  8. Sky Glass – In their biggest-ever campaign, Sky have ditched the dish with Sky Glass television. With a consistent use of a song from Griff, who won the rising star award at this year’s BRIT Awards, and the radio ad voiced by Helena-Bonham Carter, we thought this campaign was really strong and enjoyed hearing it every time.

  9. Wickes – With the return of social gatherings this year, Wickes ‘house-baressment’ ads really resonated with those opening up their houses for the first time in over a year.

  10. – Their latest campaign really answers the important questions…like why do men have nipples. The long-running idea of solving confusion is so well known they can really have fun with these ads while keeping listeners engaged.


Radiocentre has partnered with Campaign to launch the Audio Ad of the Year Award 2022.