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New Radiocentre campaign highlights radio’s role maximising tight budgets in uncertain times

With Brexit on the horizon and a growing sense of uncertainty about how it will impact on the UK economy, it’s likely that marketing budgets will be under pressure over the coming months.

Radio has been in great shape over the last few years so to help ensure this continues we have launched a radio advertising campaign to reassure and persuade advertisers that radio plays a valuable role in the media mix and can help budgets go further.

The campaign is launching in two waves, and will be heard on Radiocentre member stations nationwide from Saturday 22nd December until mid March.

The ads are free-to-air for Radiocentre members and have been distributed by J-ET and Audiotrack with full copy instructions. Contact Lucy Barrett or George Butler with any questions.

Listen to the ads below:

Word of mouth

No wrong ideas

Box clever



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