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 Associate Members - Arqiva

Arqiva is the broadcast and telecommunications company leading the UK in transmission services for commercial radio stations. From national networks to small market radio stations on a tight budget, Arqiva has the experience, ingenuity and resources to provide cost effective solutions. More

Associate Members - Broadcast Journalism Training Council

The BJTC is an educational charity that sets standards for and acredits undergraduate and postgraduate journalism courses in UK and Irish universities. More


GTN UK serves 250 commercial radio stations in the UK, reaching 27.5 million adults with their Traffic & Travel and Entertainment News reports, enabling advertisers access to over 75% of all commercial radio listeners. More

Associate Members - Independent Radio News

Independent Radio News provides a service of news bulletins, audio and copy to commercial radio stations in the UK and beyond. More

Associate Members - Media UK

A free media information website, including jobs, news, contacts and data throughout the media. Media UK offers consultancy to media companies to help them with their digital future, and access to industry data and information. More

Associate Members - Nick Deyong Ltd

The NDL Group is the prize management agency for Commercial Radio. NDL works with radio stations to build promotions revenue by developing bespoke, creative prize packages. These are tailored specifically to the brand and station’s audience, enhancing the relationship between sponsor, programming and listener. More

Associate Members - Phonographic Performance Ltd

PPL is a company set up by the UK record industry to grant licences to anyone who wants to play in public, broadcast or include in a cable programme service (“utilise”) records, tapes or CDs (or any other form of carrier) containing sound recordings within PPL’s repertoire. More

 rosh rad

Rorschach Radio Production are a radio and audio production company, with services ranging from script writing, voice casting, direction, studio facilities and sound design to station traffic. More

Associate Members - Radio Works Ltd

RadioWorks are a full service radio agency, with the UK’s most experienced and dedicated team of experts, focused on delivering results. They make radio easy, by providing advertisers and agencies with all the options on every radio station they need. More

Trisonic is a specialist audio media buying and creative agency. They plan and buy media across all audio platforms, from traditional radio to digital audio such as Spotify and create content for use across the audio spectrum, including radio commercials, podcasts and audio identities for brands. Founded by two recognised industry experts with over 25 years’ experience, Trisonic operates a fully transparent pricing structure. More

At Get Carter Productions they make listeners engage. From in-depth client briefing, research and testing, scriptwriting, compliance, casting and direction, to music and commercial production – they combine decades of experience with the latest delivery platforms and production techniques to produce radio commercials that work. More

Merger Media is a creative music production company specialising in royalty-free music for Radio and TV commercial producers. They offer free access to a new and original library of music beds tailored specifically for broadcast advertising. They also provide full-service commercial production which includes scriptwriting, compliance and voice casting. More


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