Keeping the nation smiling: the week in radio


We’re currently living through challenging times. Whether you tune in for the news, entertainment or a bit of companionship, it’s never been more important for radio to support its listeners.

You might be working from home, social distancing, or on the frontlines. Radio offers audiences a few moments of distraction, a voice in the room, and a bit of joy in a time when it’s needed more than ever. Some good songs, funny content and a few moments of collective positivity can all have an impact on your day.

Every week, we round up some of the best moments in commercial radio from the last seven days for your enjoyment. Whether you caught them live or want to listen back, check them out below.


It’s okay to not be okay

Speaking to Magic Richard Allinson for The Magic Book Club Podcast, Stephen Fry also shared some reassuring words about how we could all be kinder to ourselves – just in time for World Kindness Day.


Fooling around

As part of a genius new competition, JACKfm is offering listeners £50 if they can hear whether Trevor is hitting a nail with a hammer…or a cucumber.


Dave on Dave

The music legend Dave Grohl joined Dave Berry on the Absolute Breakfast show earlier this week to talk all about the new Foo Fighters record.


Sunrise on Sunday

Sunrise Radio’s new current affairs show with Anila Dhami airs every Sunday morning. Last week’s edition saw her speak to former Government advisor Salma Shah about what the US election result could mean for the country’s relationship with the UK.


You learn something new every day

Capital listener Matthew and his owl – a real owl, not a stuffed one like Sonny was expecting – appeared on the Breakfast show this week to wow the Breakfast team with some aviary facts.


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