Keeping the nation smiling: the week in radio


We’re currently living through challenging times. Whether you tune in for the news, entertainment or a bit of companionship, it’s never been more important for radio to support its listeners.

You might be working from home, social distancing, or on the frontlines. Radio offers audiences a few moments of distraction, a voice in the room, and a bit of joy in a time when it’s needed more than ever. Some good songs, funny content and a few moments of collective positivity can all have an impact on your day.

Every week, we round up some of the best moments in commercial radio from the last seven days for your enjoyment. Whether you caught them live or want to listen back, check them out below.


The cutest caller ever

Eight-year-old robin enthusiast Danny called in to Mystery Hour to speak to James O’Brien – and after asking his aviary questions, stayed on the line to share how much he listened to the show and had learned from it.


The force is strong with this one

Listener and Chef Gos spoke to Simon Mayo to request his ‘walk on music’ – The Imperial March – which warns the other chefs that he’s around. He also revealed how everyone has learned about classical music through Scala Radio, which keeps the kitchen calm.


If you thought you’d had a bad morning…

Union JACK Radio’s Adam English gave listeners a bit of insight into studio life this morning, revealing the leaky disaster that would affect The Full English breakfast show, somehow managing to maintain good humour throughout.


Some pukka sarnies and tasty tunes

At lunchtime yesterday, a special Packed Lunch on Magic Radio was presented by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. While the full hour was a fun listen, the detailed sandwich descriptions mean it’s not one to enjoy on an empty stomach!


Loving this segment

Angie Greaves’ Love Letters are caring dedications between friends, partners, colleagues and family members, like Carol and her daughter Charlotte. With Charlotte living 11,000 miles away in Australia, their plans to see each other had been put on hold due to the pandemic.


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