Keeping the nation smiling: the week in radio


We’re currently living through challenging times. Whether you tune in for the news, entertainment or a bit of companionship, it’s never been more important for radio to support its listeners.

You might be working from home, social distancing, or on the frontlines. Radio offers audiences a few moments of distraction, a voice in the room, and a bit of joy in a time when it’s needed more than ever. Some good songs, funny content and a few moments of collective positivity can all have an impact on your day.

Every week, we round up some of the best moments in commercial radio from the last seven days for your enjoyment. Whether you caught them live or want to listen back, check them out below.


Who you gonna call?

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has become the first Leader of the Opposition to host a regular phone-in on UK radio. His own monthly half-hour slot takes place during Nick Ferrari at Breakfast on LBC and started this week, covering the lockdown, Black Lives Matter, Brexit and more.


Graduating with honour

With physical graduations cancelled this summer, KISS FM’s Tom and Daisy took it upon themselves to offer listeners their own special events this morning, with graduation speakers including the one and only Grime Gran on hand to congratulate them as they accept their diplomas.


A Blossoming legacy

Blossoms’ Tom Ogden appeared on XS Manchester on Monday to talk about their incredible influence on the next generation of bands – despite still feeling like a new band.


How COVID-19 inspired a community of classical musicians

Last Sunday, Scala Radio aired a documentary, ‘Classical Music In And After Lockdown’, capturing some of the thoughts, feelings and predictions from leading artists who’ve seen their careers turned upside-down during the pandemic, alongside some of the music that has been made in lockdown.


Shake it up

The weather might have turned grey, but Heart North East has been bringing the summer vibes while searching for the fastest mixologists in the region with Heart’s Battle of the Bars. Newcastle, Darlington, Whitley Bar and South Shield establishments have been making cosmopolitans in the Semi Finals.



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