Daily Press Summary

Daily Press Summary | Tuesday 29th May 2018

ITV considers entering into £1bn joint venture with the BBC to buy UKTV
ITV is considering entering into a £1bn joint venture with the BBC by buying half of the Dave broadcaster UKTV, in a move to fortify British television against the increasing power of US tech giants.
Telegraph (£)

Netflix puts content above costs but is the policy sustainable?
Streaming service needs even more subscribers to keep paying for expensive hits.

BBC used PSCs to ‘protect licence fee payer’
The BBC asked freelance staff to set up Personal Service Companies (PSCs) in the mid-noughties to “protect the licence fee payer from extra tax liabilities”, the corporation has said.
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Google, Facebook hit with serious GDPR complaints: Others will be soon
Facebook nemesis Max Schrems is behind the first challenges to US giants under new European data privacy law.

Kendrick Lamar ‘threatens to remove music from Spotify over hateful conduct policy’
Kendrick Lamar has reportedly threatened to pull all of his music from Spotify after disagreeing with their new hateful conduct policy.

How Alexa could let hackers raid your bank account
The radio is playing a jolly rendition of The Pirates of Penzance but could it also be secretly performing a more modern form of piracy, via your Alexa?
The Times (£)

Amazon forced to respond to Echo privacy concerns after Alexa records intimate conversation
Amazon has been forced to issue a statement explaining a malfunction that caused Alexa to record a customer’s private conversation and send it to a contact.
The Drum

BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend review – icy Taylor Swift leads pop panoply
Swift was imperious and Liam Payne icky, while Years & Years and Christine and the Queens were truly transporting.

Gambling adverts telling people to ‘bet now’ to be banned
Gambling will be banned from showing adverts which encourage people to “bet now” and offer misleading “free money” deals, under a new crackdown by regulators.

Diversity makes business sense
Creating an inclusive workplace culture and training staff are key, says UKTV’s Alasdair Weddell.
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Love Island: The Morning After Podcast
Love Island: The Morning After will be a six-days-a-week podcast designed to act as a breakfast show for the series. We’ll be producing the podcast every night after the TV show airs from Folder&Co’s Holborn studios.