Commercial radio supports DEC appeal for Rohingya Crisis


Radiocentre is helping to co-ordinate the latest appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) across commercial radio, in response to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar. In recent weeks, half a million people – mostly Rohingya women and children – have sought refuge in Bangladesh where they urgently need food, water, shelter and medical care. The DEC and Radiocentre have recorded 10, 20 and 30 second messages, voiced by actor Anne-Marie Duff.

Radiocentre says: “Stations are not obliged to take any action, but we hope that this desperate situation encourages them to participate on humanitarian grounds. A 10, 20 and 30 second version of the appeal are all included in the link. The DEC would be grateful for the copy to be played as often as possible, with a particular emphasis on next week.”

The spots have been distributed via Audiotrack and can be found with the JCN 2499475 . Anyone who cannot access Audiotracks should contact George Butler on, community stations looking to run the appeal should contact Bill Best

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