Commercial radio helps DEC raise £25 million


In 2018, commercial radio was proud to once again lend its support to the DEC.

This autumn the Disasters Emergency Committee issued an urgent appeal to help the survivors of the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami that struck in late September.

In the first six months of the response, 10,000 families will be provided with access to clean water, while 6,900 families will receive emergency shelters and 4,000 families will receive training in how to rebuild safer housing in case disaster strikes again.

DEC Chief Executive Saleh Saeed said:

“The fantastic support of the UK’s commercial radio stations in offering free airtime has helped the DEC raise £25 million to help the survivors of the Indonesia earthquake and tsunami.

The funds you have helped to raise by airing our appeal are providing shelter, clean water, and helping survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi to rebuild their lives through a range of interventions aimed at putting communities back on their feet.

“Thank you so much for your ongoing support of DEC appeals that helps us react quickly when disasters like this strike to mobilise the public and help people who have lost everything. Together we’re stronger.”

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