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A Word in Your Ear

Branded Content

Introduction by Richard Park

A word in your ear (425 downloads)

This publication is part of the RAB’s programme of activity designed to further people’s understanding of how to make branded content work for their brands on radio, and much of the content is derived from the RAB event, The Branded Content Academy.

As host of this event, I explored the different ways people define branded content. My conclusion was that all beyond-the-spot activity on radio should be considered branded content; because it involves the presenter integrating the brand into the natural flow of conversation that is radio editorial.

This publication explores the opportunities that this creates for brands in terms of radio branded content, and reviews the broader consumer context for the growth in branded content in general.

This guide serves two main purposes:

  1. To highlight why radio branded content is becoming increasingly central to many marketing plans, and offer guidance on how to make it work best for your brands
  2. To also present a challenge to advertisers, agencies and radio groups alike by raising expectations of radio branded content ideas and how they are bought to life

Along with the rest of the radio industry, I am keen to work with customers to meet this challenge and create more sophisticated radio branded content.

I hope this guide acts as a valuable starting point. If it prompts you to explore the opportunities for your brand in more depth, the RAB should prove a good place to start.

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