Our objective

To secure the best possible regulatory framework for commercial radio stations and our listeners.

What we do

Ofcom is the radio industry’s key regulator.  It issues broadcast licences; regulates content and standards; and provides Government with advice and expertise on policy issues such as digital radio or the media ownership framework.

RadioCentre deals directly with Ofcom on behalf of commercial radio, commenting upon decisions and proposals, advocating flexibility that enables stations to run their business with minimal intervention.

Key priorities

  • Digital
    To deliver a clear and coherent plan for viable digital radio coverage.
  • Licensing
    To minimise the burden of renewals and ensure that licences are based on fair and equitable terms.
  • Commercial references
    To secure a framework for regulation that reflects maximum flexibility for stations to carry commercial messages, with transparency that ensures listeners are protected.
  • Illegal broadcasting
    To ensure an effective regime of enforcement to prevent and prosecute pirate radio operators.
  • Content regulation
    To seek regulation based on the value of output heard by the listeners, rather than inputs such as location or format requirements.

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Ofcom policy contacts

Matt Payton

Matt Payton

Director of External Affairs


020 7010 0652

Ben Walker

Ben Walker

External Affairs Manager


020 7010 0651

Earlier publications

Members that are interested in a RadioCentre response to Ofcom consultations before 2009 should contact Matt Payton.