Our objective

Influence the radio industry’s legal and regulatory framework, so that commercial radio can flourish.

What we do

RadioCentre engages with a range of government departments, external bodies and interest groups, addressing everything from broad media policy issues to specific regulatory changes.

Commercial radio is a relatively small sector in terms of revenue, generating a turnover of just over £500m p.a, but provides significant public value for audiences and communities. The intention behind much of this work is to ensure that the voice of commercial radio is present in significant debates regarding the future shape of UK media. 

Key priorities

  • Content regulation
    Create a regulatory framework based on the value of output heard by the listeners, rather than inputs such as location or music format requirements.

  • Local media
    Work to ensure that local radio continues to be an essential and enduring part of the media landscape in the UK.

  • Advertising regulation
    Seek the deregulation of commercial messages on radio and minimal advertising regulation, while still protecting the interests of listeners.

  • BBC regulation and governance
    Ensure that BBC radio meets its public purpose remit and minimises its market impact on commercial radio, working with the BBC Trust and ensuring standards of governance and impartiality are upheld.

Latest Publications

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Key contacts

Matt Payton

Matt Payton

Director of External Affairs


020 7010 0652

Ben Walker

Ben Walker

External Affairs Manager


020 7010 0651

HMRC Guidelines

The radio industry has an agreed set of guidelines with HMRC regarding the employment and tax status of people working in the sector (available below).  For more information and more detailed guidance notes contact Nishi@radiocentre.org


Codes of Practice

Commercial Radio - Principles of Editorial Practice [06/05/2010]


Commercial Radio - Premium Rate Interaction [05/05/2010]