Radio: Keeping you company


The past year has been filled with uncertainty and isolation and, as a result, taking care of your mental health and checking in with others has become increasingly important.

For many, radio has helped us to feel connected with the world. Whether it’s the familiar voice of your favourite presenter or the jingling notes of a great new song, radio has lifted our spirits and reminded us that we are not alone.

Over the pandemic, radio has helped listeners to feel more positive and less lonely. 8 in 10 people listen to commercial radio because “it makes me happy” and “improves my mood”, while 9 in 10 people listened to commercial radio because “it keeps me company”. Additionally, out of TV, online and radio, radio generates the highest happiness and energy levels.

In fact, over the course of the pandemic these measures have increased, suggesting that radio is playing an increasingly valuable role in supporting people’s mental wellbeing.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, in recognition of the importance of mental health and radio’s ability to connect the nation, for the fourth year in a row the Radiocentre-led Mental Health Minute will return to radio stations across the UK. For one minute at 10.59am on Friday 14th May, 500 radio stations across commercial radio, community radio and the BBC will unite to broadcast the same one minute message about mental health and will feature famous voices from the worlds of sport, music and more. Click here to find out more.

Over the last year radio has been a friend in the corner of the room for millions of listeners across the UK. It’s an intimate medium, perfect for holding important conversations, which is why this year’s Mental Health Minute is so timely. Hundreds of radio stations across the country will unite the airwaves to continue the important national conversation on mental health, which much like radio is something that brings us all together.

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