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Our Members


Station Name Area Group
Absolute RadioDABBauer Media Group
Absolute Radio 60sDABBauer Media Group
Absolute Radio 70sDABBauer Media Group
Absolute 80sDABBauer Media Group
Absolute Radio 90sDABBauer Media Group
Absolute Radio 00sDABBauer Media Group
Absolute Classic RockDABBauer Media Group
Radio AireDABBauer Media Group
Radio Aire 2DABBauer Media Group
Radio Aire 3DABBauer Media Group
The ArrowDABGlobal
96.7 Ashbourne RadioDABHigh Peak Radio Ltd
107.6 Banbury SoundDABQuidem
The BayDABCN Group
The BeachDABAnglian Radio
Radio BordersDABBauer Media Group
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
The BreezeDABCelador Radio
106.3 Bridge FMDABNation Broadcasting
95.8 Capital FMDABGlobal
96-106 Capital FMDABGlobal
97.4/103.2 Capital FMDABCommunicorp UK
97.4/103.2 Capital FMDABCommunicorp UK
102 Capital FMDABGlobal
102.2 Capital FMDABGlobal
103.2 Capital FMDABGlobal
103 Capital FMDABGlobal
105 Capital FMDABGlobal
105-106 Capital FMDABCommunicorp UK
105-106 Capital FMDABGlobal
107.6 Capital FMDABGlobal
95-106 Capital FMDABGlobal
Capital XTRADABGlobal
97.1 Radio CarmarthenshireDABNation Broadcasting
103.1 Central FMDABNew Wave Media
Radio CeredigionDABNation Broadcasting
CFMDABBauer Media Group
Channel 103 FMDABTindle Radio
Chris CountryDABDevaweb
Radio CityDABBauer Media Group
Radio City 2DABBauer Media Group
Radio City 3DABBauer Media Group
Classic FMDABGlobal
Clyde 1DABBauer Media Group
Clyde 2DABBauer Media Group
Clyde 3DABBauer Media Group
Compass FMDABLincs FM Group
Connect FMDABAdventure Radio
Connect FMDABAdventure Radio
Cool FMDABBauer Media Group
Cuillin FMDAB
Dearne FMDABLincs FM Group
Chester's Dee 106.3DABDee 106.3 Ltd
Dee on DABDABDee 106.3 Ltd
Downtown CountryDABBauer Media Group
Downtown RadioDABBauer Media Group
Dragon RadioDABNation Broadcasting
Dream 100DABAnglian Radio
Radio EssexDABAdventure Radio
Radio EssexDABAdventure Radio
107.3 FM Radio ExeDAB
Fire RadioDABCelador Radio
Forth 1DABBauer Media Group
Forth 2DABBauer Media Group
Forth 3DABBauer Media Group
Free RadioDABBauer Media Group
Free RadioDABBauer Media Group
Free RadioDABBauer Media Group
Free RadioDABBauer Media Group
Free Radio 80sDABBauer Media Group
French Radio LondonDAB
Fun KidsDABFolder Media
Fun KidsDABFolder Media
Fun KidsDABFolder Media
GemDABBauer Media Group
Radio HafrenDAB
Hallam FMDABBauer Media Group
Hallam 2DABBauer Media Group
Hallam 3DABBauer Media Group
Heart North WalesDABCommunicorp UK
Heart South WestDABGlobal
Heart CambridgeshireDABGlobal
Heart CornwallDABGlobal
Heart East AngliaDABGlobal
Heart EssexDABGlobal
Heart ExtraDABGlobal
Heart Four CountiesDABGlobal
Heart GloucestershireDABGlobal
Heart HertfordshireDABAdventure Radio
Heart KentDABGlobal
Heart LondonDABGlobal
Heart North EastDABGlobal
Heart North WestDABGlobal
Heart ScotlandDABGlobal
Heart SolentDABGlobal
Heart South WalesDABGlobal
Heart Sussex & SurreyDABGlobal
Heart Thames ValleyDABGlobal
Heart West CountryDABGlobal
Heart West MidlandsDABGlobal
Heart WiltshireDABGlobal
Heart YorkshireDABCommunicorp UK
heat RadioDABBauer Media Group
High Peak RadioDABHigh Peak Radio Ltd
The HitsDABBauer Media Group
Imagine FMDABMondiale
104.7 Island FMDABTindle Radio
Isle of Wight RadioDABMedia Sound Holdings
JACK 2 HampshireDABOxis Media
JACK 2 SurreyDABOxis Media
107 JACK fm BerkshireDAB
Oxfordshire's 106 JACK fmDABOxis Media
JACK fm HampshireDABOxis Media
JACK fm SurreyDABOxis Media
JACK 2 OxfordshireDABOxis Media
Juice 107.2DABBrighton & Hove Radio
Kerrang! RadioDABBauer Media Group
Kerrang! RadioDABBauer Media Group
Key 103DABBauer Media Group
Key 2DABBauer Media Group
Key 3DABBauer Media Group
Kingdom FMDABKingdom FM Radio Ltd
KISSDABBauer Media Group
KISS FreshDABBauer Media Group
KISSTORYDABBauer Media Group
KISSTORYDABBauer Media Group
kmfmDABKM Group
Lakeland RadioDABCN Group
LBC London NewsDABGlobal
Lincs FMDABLincs FM Group
Lochbroom FM DAB
London Greek RadioDABLondon Greek Radio
Love 80's LiverpoolDABDee 106.3 Ltd
Love 80's ManchesterDABDee 106.3 Ltd
MagicDABBauer Media Group
Magic ChilledDABBauer Media Group
Magic SoulDABBauer Media Group
Mansfield 103.2DAB
Manx RadioDAB
Matryoshka RadioDAB
Mellow MagicDABBauer Media Group
Metro RadioDABBauer Media Group
Metro 2 RadioDABBauer Media Group
Metro 3 RadioDABBauer Media Group
MFRDABBauer Media Group
MFR 2DABBauer Media Group
MFR 3DABBauer Media Group
More RadioDABMedia Sound Holdings
Mountain FMDAB
Nation RadioDABNation Broadcasting
North Norfolk RadioDABAnglian Radio
Northsound 1DABBauer Media Group
Northsound 2DABBauer Media Group
Radio Norwich 99.9DABAnglian Radio
Original 106DABNew Wave Media
Original 106DABNew Wave Media
Panjab RadioDABPanjab Radio
102.5 Radio PembrokeshireDABNation Broadcasting
Planet RockDABBauer Media Group
Planet RockDABBauer Media Group
Radio Plymouth 106.7FMDAB
Polish Radio LondonDAB
Premier GospelDABPremier Media Group
Premier Praise!DABPremier Media Group
Premier Christian RadioDABPremier Media Group
Q Radio - Greater Belfast 96.7/102.5DABNorthern Media Group
Radio CityTalkDABBauer Media Group
Radio CityTalkDABBauer Media Group
Radio XDABGlobal
Ridings FMDABLincs FM Group
Rock FMDABBauer Media Group
Rock FM 2DABBauer Media Group
Rock FM 3DABBauer Media Group
RockSport RadioDAB
Rother FMDABLincs FM Group
107.1 Rugby FMDABQuidem
Rutland RadioDABLincs FM Group
Sabras RadioDABSabras Sound
Sam FM (Bristol)DABCelador Radio
Sam FM (South Coast)DABCelador Radio
Sam FM (Swindon)DABCelador Radio
Sanskar RadioDABSabras Sound
97.5 Scarlet FMDABNation Broadcasting
Share RadioDAB
SIBCDABThe Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company Ltd
Cheshire's Silk 106.9DABDee 106.3 Ltd
Smile SussexDABBrighton & Hove Radio
Smooth ChristmasDABGlobal
Smooth ExtraDABGlobal
Smooth RadioDABGlobal
Smooth Radio: East MidlandsDABCommunicorp UK
Smooth Radio: North WestDABCommunicorp UK
Smooth Radio: North EastDABCommunicorp UK
Smooth Radio: ScotlandDABGlobal
Smooth Radio: WalesDABGlobal
Smooth Radio: West MidlandsDABGlobal
Spectrum RadioDABThe Spectrum Radio Network
Suffolk FirstDABLincs FM Group
Sunrise RadioDAB
Swansea Bay RadioDABNation Broadcasting
Tay FMDABBauer Media Group
Tay 2DABBauer Media Group
Tay 3DABBauer Media Group
TFMDABBauer Media Group
TFM 2DABBauer Media Group
TFM 3DABBauer Media Group
Thames RadioDABNation Broadcasting
Touch BirminghamDABQuidem
The New 96.2 Touch FMDABQuidem
Touch FMDABQuidem
Touch FMDABQuidem
Touch FMDABQuidem
Town 102DABAnglian Radio
Trax FMDABLincs FM Group
Two Lochs RadioDAB
Union JACKDABOxis Media
Viking FMDABBauer Media Group
Viking 2DABBauer Media Group
Viking 3DABBauer Media Group
Wave 102DABNew Wave Media
Wave 105DABBauer Media Group
Waves Radio 101.2DAB
West FMDABBauer Media Group
WestsoundDABBauer Media Group
West SoundDABBauer Media Group
XS ManchesterDABCommunicorp UK
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