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What does full membership mean for you?

Do you hold a commercial radio licence? Here’s the benefits you could gain by joining us:

  • Representation: with one voice, we represent our members’ interests to advertisers, government, regulators and policymakers as well as overseeing negotiations with copyright bodies.
  • Advertiser targeted marketing: we drive industry revenue by promoting the medium to advertisers and their agencies. This includes producing radio advertising campaigns which member stations can broadcast.
  • Robust research: we regularly commission and publish award-winning research projects to prove the effectiveness of radio advertising.
  • Online advertising tools: we have developed a range of easy-to-use planning, effectiveness and creative tools to support sales team and customers.
  • Creative development: we champion best-in-class radio advertising to help the advertising industry see radio for the creative opportunity it is. We encourage a more dynamic and ambitious approach through inspiration sessions and workshops, the monthly Aerial Awards and sponsorship of the audio category at the BIG Awards.
  • Script clearance: we ensure advertising messages on commercial radio stations comply with the necessary content rules and standards. Every station must pay for advertising clearance as a requirement of their broadcasting licence and this is included in our membership fee. We also operate a trustmark scheme to reassure listeners that they can trust the messages they hear on commercial radio.
  • 50% J-ET discount: our members are entitled to a substantial 50% discount on subscriptions to the J-ET radio trading system.
  • Free legal advice: through our partnership with Croner Consulting, we ensure members have access to advice on business issues including employment law, HR, tax, VAT, PAYE, NIC and payroll.
  • Communications: we provide up-to-date information about all aspects of UK commercial radio through a fortnightly newsletter, a daily summary of national and trade press coverage of commercial radio, as well as our website and social channels.
  • Events: we bring the industry together with a wide range of events across the UK, including our annual Tuning In Conference. We also represent radio at a number of high profile media events both nationally and internationally.
  • Network initiatives: we get the industry working together on cross-network initiatives such as promotions with the BRIT Awards and appeals for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).
  • Music rights: we negotiate licensing schemes (with PPL and PRS for Music) which enable commercial radio stations to broadcast music.  We also provide quarterly Newslink figures for the purpose of paying royalties due to PPL and PRS.
  • HMRC guidelines: we provide detailed guidance notes on the radio industry’s agreed set of guidelines with HMRC regarding the employment status and tax arrangements of people working in the industry.
  • Exclusive offers: through various partnerships we secure discounts on many products, services and events for our members.
  • Training: we run regular training courses to develop knowledge and understanding of radio advertising.

Interested in joining?

Any station in the UK holding a commercial radio broadcasting licence from Ofcom (formerly The Radio Authority) is eligible to become a full member of the Radiocentre. On joining Radiocentre members receive a comprehensive ‘starter pack’ which includes details of all Radiocentre member services.

Please complete the application form below.

Note:  Membership fees are calculated in relation to a radio company’s net broadcasting revenue (NBR) figure so the smallest stations pay least. If you have any questions regarding the rates, please contact us on 020 7010 0600.

Membership Form

To become a member please complete the form below.
For details on cost of membership, please call us on 020 7010 0600 before completing the form.

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