‘Our Tune' celebrates another milestone on Smooth Radio

18th July 2013

‘Our Tune' celebrates another milestone on Smooth Radio

This Sunday, 21st July at 1pm, Smooth Radio celebrates the thirty third anniversary of ‘Our Tune,’ one of radio's longest running and most successful features.

On Sunday, Smooth Radio will pay tribute to this unique institution, with its mix of the sentimental, heroic and downright amazing.  Across those three decades ‘Our Tune’ has been accused of reducing the efficiency of the British armed forces, after troops piled into their mess to listen, stopping lorry drivers from completing their rounds and being alternately “uplifting and amazing.”

‘Our Tune’ has been praised and condemned in equal part and still retains its unique hold on audiences.  On Sunday, Simon Bates will mark those thirty three years, to the day, with a one-off programme that will lift the lid on just how ‘Our Tune’ was created and whose idea it was.  There will also feature some behind the scenes stories, both touching and hilarious. 

Smooth Radio has also created, with the help of the surviving producers of the feature, the only authoritative ‘Our Tune All Time Top Ten;’ songs that over the years, have been nominated the most times. 

Steve Collins, Programme Director for Smooth Radio said: “Since 1980 ‘Our Tune’ has become famous the world over, always live and always unpredictable.  Simon has presented it from Australia, Brazil and Afghanistan, in his own inimitable style and we're delighted that our listeners hear it every weekday.
“It's stood the test of time and it's pretty obvious that this one will run and run, as it already has done.”

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