Radio is a fantastic medium for B2B advertisers – allowing you to reach their target audience at key times across the working day and remain cost effective in the process. However these aren’t the only reasons why you should be using radio. If you’re a B2B advertisers seeking to understand how radio can help grow your brand - or you work for a radio station and are in conversations with a B2B advertiser - the material contained in this section should help demonstrate how effective radio advertising can be and how you can exploit its full potential.

1 Why Use Radio?

This section provides strategic arguments for why radio might be relevant for B2B advertisers – from the latest insight in to audio consumption and stats to reaching people at relevant times.

Share of Media Time for business decision makers

Radio TV Newspaper & Magazines Internet
source: IPA TouchPoints 6

Media Reach for business decision makers

Radio TV Newspaper & Magazines Internet
source: IPA TouchPoints 6

Time of Media Reach for business decision makers

Radio TV Newspaper Internet Magazine Online news
source: IPA TouchPoints 6


Research demonstrates that reaching people at relevant times can help enhance cut through and effectiveness of a campaign. The ‘Commuting’ Snapshot provides you with IPA TouchPoints data, case studies and audio to help demonstrate why radio is relevant for reaching people at this key time.


Radio is also a great channel to utilise for reaching people whilst they are working. Relevant insight from IPA TouchPoints alongside case studies and audio is available from Snapshots.

Audio Now

In a world where accessing audio has never been so easy, why is radio still relevant? Audio Now answers this question by revealing the size of the overall audio market and the role that radio plays within this – highlighting its continuing relevance and uniqueness to listeners and how it remains the key audio format for B2B advertisers.

2Proof of Effectiveness

Radiocentre have conducted a wide range of research studies over the years that prove how radio can play an effective role as part of the media mix across a variety of metrics relevant to B2B advertisers.

radioGAUGE Insight

radioGAUGE has enabled us to measure over 700 radio campaigns including various business-focused campaigns. These findings will help you understand how radio can increase awareness, relevance and consideration when utilised as part of the B2B marketing mix.

Radio increases AWARENESS by 138% for business campaigns

Radio increases BRAND RELEVANCE by 67% for business advertisers

Radio increases CONSIDERATION by 39% for business advertisers

Case studies

Selected case studies focusing on how B2B advertisers have successfully utilised radio airtime and branded content.

Re-positioning a global brand amongst a local SME audience

Building brand credibility through beyond the spot activity

Befriending small businesses when the crunch hit

Key research projects

Selected case studies focusing on how B2B advertisers have successfully utilised radio airtime and branded content.

Online Multiplier

In a world where virtually every business has a website, how do you ensure customers are specifically seeking out your brand online? The ‘Online Multiplier’ research can help you understand how radio can drive online brand browsing by over 50%.

ROI Multiplier

Radiocentre’s latest piece of research demonstrates how radio can unlock substantial amounts of untapped revenue for B2B advertisers. Results have revealed that brands using radio get their money back nearly eight times over on average.


Getting your radio creativity right can really elevate the results that you see radio providing as part of a campaign

Turning Art Into Science

Based on insight from radioGAUGE-measured campaigns and neuroscience, Turning Art Into Science reveals the most effective creative features of radio advertising – and how creating consistency in your advertising can really help grow your brand.

Best practice

Download our specially curated selection of effective creative from business to business advertisers.

4Useful tools

A selection of tools available on Radiocentre website that will enable you to enhance the effectiveness of your B2B radio campaign


Radiocentre Mapping tool enables you to create maps of the coverage areas for UK commercial radio stations. Searching by region/place will highlight which national and local commercial radio stations are available in the area you would like to advertise.

Radio Ads Database

Use our Radio Ads Database to access an extensive library of radio ads from across the last ten years. Search for ads by brand and script name, sector, agency, date and use filters to discover ads with specific messaging, sonic branding or award winners.