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What is radioGAUGE?

radioGAUGE is an award-winning, ongoing radio advertising measurement tool which enables advertisers to understand and evaluate their radio campaigns & demonstrates the effectiveness of radio as an advertising medium.

radioGAUGE was initially launched in 2008 as a way of combating the lack of accountability that advertisers had for their radio campaigns. We decided to meet this challenge by offering free research (funded by the commercial radio groups) to advertisers to provide them with a way of robustly measuring the effect radio was having as part of their media plan.

Since launch, radioGAUGE has measured over 600 national campaigns from a variety of different product sectors.

Why should you use radioGAUGE?

radioGAUGE provides agencies and advertisers with FREE, independently-run & robust research that can provide crucial insight into the role radio has played as part of a campaign.

Now having measured over 600 campaigns we can put the results of any campaign into context by providing relevant product sector benchmarks throughout and also highlighting how your creative executions compare to the best performers and/or other competitor brands

radioGAUGE provides advertisers and agencies with the confidence to recommend using radio on the plan and provides an argument for ensuring investment is maintained and built upon

How does radioGAUGE work?

We isolate the effect of the radio campaign by splitting the sample by their commercial radio listening habits. We compare a group of respondents who listen to commercial radio (and so may have been exposed to the radio campaign, along with other media) against a group of non-commercial radio listeners (who won’t have heard the radio campaign but will still have been exposed to any other media running) on various key measures to demonstrate what radio is adding as part of the media mix.

radioGAUGE is an online survey completed by a panel of 800 (National) 16-54 adult respondents who are representative of the population.

radioGAUGE measures key effectiveness metrics including brand and campaign awareness, brand perceptions, consideraton, recall and creativity.

Creativity is also given the attention it deserves with one execution from each campaign measured tested against the Radiocentre’s 5I’s of Radio Creativity framework which can then be compared against sector benchmarks and used as a guide to how to continue developing radio creatives going forward.

radioGAUGE operates with a standardised methodology which enables us to compare the results achieved by a campaign to all relevant sector benchmarks. However, within we also provide each advertiser with two bespoke brand measures. These measures enable each advertiser the opportunity to investigate how certain key campaign messages or more general brand health metrics are connecting with commercial radio listeners.

radioGAUGE research goes into field within a two week window after the campaign has finished (so let us know of your potential campaigns as soon as they are booked so we can schedule them in) on air and results are ready to be presented around six weeks later.

For examples of the typical radio uplifts seen from the 600 campaigns we have measured on radioGAUGE, searchable by sector or media mix visit – radioGAUGE Predict

How can you get your brand on radioGAUGE?

If you’re planning a national radio campaign and the spend exceeds £300k please contact Aneka at or 0207 010 0708 to find out more details about how you may be able to have your campaign measured on radioGAUGE.

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