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Branded Content

Advertising on commercial radio isn’t just about the spot ads that you hear during the traditional ad break. Branded Content allows advertisers to take advantage of various other creative opportunities and partnerships that stations are able to offer in terms of sponsorships, promotions and beyond.

What is Branded Content?

permitted within radio programming. For the first time ever presenters, celebrities and brand ambassadors will be free to endorse and promote brands/products live on air – provided it is transparent to listeners that a commercial arrangement is in place.
The changes have been labelled Branded Content, and encompass Sponsorship, Promotions and Advertiser Funded Programming activity across all platforms.

What programming features are permissible?

  • A presenter-read promotion of a product or service
  • The appearance of a brand spokesperson, promoting their brand
  • A sponsored show, featuring a representative from the sponsor
  • A sponsored review show featuring an impartial review of the sponsor’s product/service
  • A public information campaign within programming
  • Sponsored outside broadcast
  • A sponsored competition – with the competition mechanism linked to the sponsor

Why is this good for advertisers?

This liberation of the code allows advertising a greater level of integration into station content through the development of new and creative mechanics. Radio has always had high levels of trust, and these changes allow advertisers to benefit from the unique relationship radio stations enjoy with millions of listeners every day. This means that radio can deliver unique and powerful partnerships in ways that no other broadcast medium can.

What is allowed on TV?

The revisions to the Ofcom Broadcasting Code heighten the advantage radio enjoys over TV where product placement cannot give undue prominence to a product and must be signalled by an on-screen visual logo.

Don’t just take our word for it…

The new code is a game-changing opportunity for commercial radio and advertisers. It allows us the flexibility to redefine our on-air creative solutions to make great radio content which appeals to the millions of our customers delivered by radio brands

-Stuart Garvie, Communications Director for Danone

Additional resources

To explore how advertisers have used branded content opportunities on radio please visit our case study library
Using radio branded content to forge deeper consumer connections – read more in ‘A Word In Your Ear’
To find out more about bespoke solutions for using branded content please contact the individual station sales teams

june, 2018

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